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  • Legend Hockey Academy & AAA Luverne, MN Sioux Falls, SD Mitchell, SD March 17  – August 18, 2014
  • Legend Hockey Academy & AAA


    March 17
    August 18

    Luverne, MN Sioux Falls, SD Mitchell, SD


    Focus on player development this spring and summer while enjoying the AAA team experience!
    Legend Hockey Academy's Spring & Summer program runs mid March through mid August.  Final schedule & tournaments to be announced.
    Open to birth years
    10U Level - 2004 & 2003
    12U Level - 2002 & 2001
    14U Level - 1999 & 2000
    50% due at registration (non-refundable) and 50% due by first practice mid-March
    By joining the Legend Hockey Academy, you receive
    15 on ice sessions
    3 AAA tournaments
    AAA Jersey & Socks
    Legend Hockey Academy T-shirt
    AAA Teams
    NO tryouts
    Teams determined by # of players in each age group.  (For example, a 2006 player may end up on a combined 05/06 team.)  
    Our first priority is always player development.  Legend Hockey Academy is a development program that additionally gives players a AAA team experience.  Players are evaluated during practices within their birth year, and if we feel a player's development would be better fostered in a different environment, that player may be placed on a different team accordingly.
    Discounts on
    3v3 - Spring Small Games Program
    Super Group - Summer Off Ice Training
    Summer Boarding & Day Camps
    Legend Hockey Academy coaches include Legend Hockey's Noelle Needham and coaches from junior, college, and professional programs.
    Blue Mound Ice Arena
    601 W Hatting Street
    Luverne, MN
    Sioux Falls Ice & Recreation Center
    1600 W 51st Street
    Sioux Falls, SD 57006
    Mitchell Activity Center
    1001 North Minnesota
    Mitchell, SD 57301
  • 3 v 3 Development Camp Luverne, MN March 27  – May 1, 2014
  • 3 v 3 Development Camp


    March 27
    May 1

    Luverne, MN

    Thursday, April 3rd CANCELLED due to weather.  Make up session is Thursday, May 8th.

    3 v 3 Development Camp

    Why do this camp? Prepare for AAA Spring Hockey, District Tryouts/Camps, Junior Camps or for next season.  Improve as a player through dynamic small game development.  

    March 27th - May 1st
    $130 per player
    Squirt - FULL
    PeeWee - 1 spot left
    Blue Mound Ice Arena
    Luverne, MN
    This program features 6 high tempo sessions with 60 minutes of constructive small games.  Each session will feature 5 different small games with a program total of 30 different games addressing different situations and areas of the ice.  
    Small games address many on-ice situations (i.e. Breakouts, Regroups, Man on Man Defense).  Each game’s purpose is explained to the players as well as recapped at the end, touching on what type of situations they worked on during their ice time.  
    Pick your team! Teams will consist of 9-11 players and 1 goalie and will have 45-60 second shifts.
    Abundance of puck touches
    Quicker reaction time
    Learn from having to compete every shift
    Exciting, Fast paced hockey
    Make decisions faster
    Constructive ice time
    Excited, educated instructors
    Understand the whole game of hockey through small areas
    Learn to win battles
    Succeed in creating odd man advantages
    Open to boys & girls: Squirts & PeeWees
    Players will compete against same age group.
  • Goaltender Academy Sioux Falls, SD June 2 - 26, 2014
  • Goaltender Academy


    June 2
    thru 26

    Sioux Falls, SD


    Complete Goaltender Training

    Get Technical with your Position

    Goaltenders - Focus on You! Get ready for the Legend Goaltender Academy. Providing you with a complete overview covering mental and physical preparation and strong foundational skills.  A training program woven with personal character development, an important component of Legend Hockey values. With a maximum of 20 goalies, our staff to goalie ratio will allow you connect with your coaches and receive an ample amount of personal attention on the ice. This is the perfect environment to hone your goaltending skills from coaches that live and breathe the hardest position in the game.


    Monday, June 2nd - Thursday, June 26th
    12 hours on ice
    6 yoga & 12 off ice training sessions

    Ages 7-16 (male & female)
    Mondays & Thursdays
    8:30am - 10:00am on ice
    10:30am - 12:30pm yoga & off ice training
    *transportation available from Rink to Sanford POWER.
    Goaltender Instruction led by 
    Brennen Poderzay
    European Professional League 
    Keegan Asmundson 
    Canisius College (D1)
    On Ice Sessions @
    Sioux Falls Ice & Recreation Center
    1600 W 51st St
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Off Ice Sessions @
    Sanford POWER Fieldhouse
    6320 S Cliff Ave
    Sioux Falls, SD 57108
  • Development Program Sioux Falls, SD June 2 - 27, 2014
  • Development Program


    June 2
    thru 27

    Sioux Falls, SD


    The Legend Hockey Development Program is a one-month hockey training program providing athletes with an innovative approach to mental & physical elite level skill development and training.
    The number one goal of the Legend Hockey Development Program is player development. Throughout the month, athletes participate in on ice training from coaches and scouts at all levels of the game, learning from different coaching styles and receiving a unique opportunity to build relationships and connections with these instructors. Players also participate in off ice strength training, yoga, and jiu jitsu. They spend time in the classroom with coaches and speakers on topics like nutrition, leadership, pathways in hockey, and more.
    This invite only program attracts athletes looking to train with purpose and offers a unique family like atmosphere, where players enjoy camaraderie, competition, and are held to a higher standard in performance and attitude. Players are set to train, thrive, and succeed.

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Posted: Friday, December 6th Filed in: General


By Diane Ness

As teams are picked and practices are now in full swing, how can skaters become better? When I work with the pros in the summer, there is so much attention to detail while working on skating. If younger skaters were able to learn and understand this concept, they would make great strides throughout the year. Granted, we are working on skating and skating-specific drills in the summer, but the general idea always applies. Practice makes permanent, practice how you play, and make sure you focus on details each and every practice.

In all reality, there are thousands of skaters beyond college that play at the next level. There are so many pro leagues and there are so many good players. What are some of the traits that make the top players the top players? 

First, work ethic is a foregone conclusion. Everybody works hard. When doing the skating sessions in New Jersey for the summer development camp, everyone has an incredible work ethic. There are over 50 draft picks and free agents that attend these camps each summer and every NHL team has one. When players show up, they tend to find out quick there are tons of guys in their very same position. Everyone works hard.
The difference when we look at skating is the player’s ability to have what I like to call “uberfocus.” The guys that understand and process what is being taught and are able to put it into action. It goes from their brain to their feet and they are able to execute the skating skill fluidly. 
When looking at youth levels, there can tend to be a “good enough” aspect to skating skills. Drills may be done, but are they done well? Are drills used as fillers or with a purpose?

Two years ago, New Jersey Devils captain Bryce Salvador came to Minnesota to skate the entire spring. He was coming off a season in which he had a bad concussion and basically had to start from square one again. The first day he made a comment how he is an older veteran player that just needs basic skating and doesn’t need exotic drills. He just wanted to keep it simple and do a lot of repetition on the basics and try to get better each day. Each session was filled with drills that may become monotonous to some skaters, but not to him. He made huge improvements in a three-month span. That very next season he had an outstanding run to the Stanley Cup Finals and signed a new three-year contract worth $9.5 million dollars. Not bad for a guy that just a short year before that was working on one-foot glides.