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  • Pro Day Luverne, MN October 4 - 4, 2014
  • Pro Day


    October 4
    thru 4

    Luverne, MN


    Legend Hockey Pro Day
    Your Day, You're the Pro. 
    This day is about getting treated like a pro - everything you need to perform at your best!  Experience on ice sessions with an NHL skills coach, hockey specific yoga, and a quick feet/agility workout.  Participate in raffles and giveaways, and spend some time with the best equipment reps in the biz.  Players are invited to enjoy this exciting kick-off to the hockey season.  
    Free Skate Fittings & Sharpening!  
    Open to:  Squirts, PeeWees, Bantams, & Girls (ages 8-16)
    Saturday, October 4th, 2014
    Blue Mound Ice Arena, Luverne, MN
    12:15pm-2:15pm   Ice Session
    5:00pm-6:30pm   Yoga/Dryland
    12:45pm-2:15pm   Yoga/Dryland
    3:15pm-5:15pm   Ice Session
    3:15pm-4:45pm   Yoga/Dryland
    5:30pm-7:30pm   Ice Session
  • Yoga for Hockey Players Sioux Falls, SD October 7  – March 26, 2015
  • Yoga for Hockey Players


    October 7
    March 26

    Sioux Falls, SD


    Yoga for hockey players focuses on mobility/flexibility and core stabilization training to enable the exertion of maximum power, avoidance of injury, enhanced balance with emphasis on better body awareness, and control and accuracy of movement.  Players are also trained to use their breath as a bridge between the mind and body, enhancing reaction time and limiting the performance-killing effects of mental stress. 
    For goaltenders, yoga addresses the special requirements of the position by working with them to create the considerable lateral agility and wide-ranging strength, flexibility, and balance necessary to make quick and intense multi-directional movements.
    YogaFit Certified
    200RYT Certified
    ACE Certified
    Yoga for Hockey Players is a part of HockeyFit (flexible training program), but sessions may be attended by individuals not in the program; purchased a la carte.
    November 3rd, 2014 - April 2nd, 2015
    (NO HockeyFit December 22 - January 4)
    Mondays:  7:15pm-8:15pm
    Thursdays:  5:45pm-6:45pm
    @ SCHEELS IcePlex, Sioux Falls, SD
    $15 per 1 hour session
    Register via the HockeyFit page (click here)!
  • Pre-Season Clinic Sioux Falls, SD October 24 - 25, 2014
  • Pre-Season Clinic


    October 24
    thru 25

    Sioux Falls, SD

    Power Skating & Puck Skills

    Prepare for tryouts and the upcoming season! Get on the ice with a power skating coach who works with some of the NHL's top stars and upcoming talent!  Ice sessions include a strong emphasis on power skating, while also incorporating puck skills.  During the weekend, players have the opportunity to seek instruction from a shooting coach, receive stick fittings, & participate in yoga for hockey players.

    Friday, October 24 & Saturday, October 25, 2014
    @ the SCHEELS IcePlex, Sioux Falls, SD

    Open to Boys & Girls in the following levels:

    Goaltenders (goaltender specific group for goalies in level squirt-varsity)


    5 hours of on-ice instruction (power skating & puck skills)

    Also attend optional sessions to help prepare you for tryouts & the upcoming season:
    Yoga for hockey players
    Off-ice shooting instruction & Stick fittings

    SCHEDULES (Click here)

  • Pre-Season Clinic: Goaltenders ONLY! Sioux Falls, SD October 24 - 25, 2014
  • Pre-Season Clinic: Goaltenders ONLY!


    October 24
    thru 25

    Sioux Falls, SD

    Prepare for tryouts and the upcoming season! Get on the ice with a goaltending coach!  Ice sessions include a complete overview covering mental and physical preparation and strong foundational skills.  This is the perfect environment to hone your goaltending skills from coaches that live and breathe the hardest position in the game.  During the weekend, goalies also have the opportunity to meet with an equipment rep & participate in yoga for hockey players.

    Friday, October 24 & Saturday, October 25, 2014
    @ the SCHEELS IcePlex, Sioux Falls, SD

    Open to Goaltenders (Boys & Girls) in the following levels:



    5 hours of on-ice goaltender specific instruction

    Also attend optional sessions to help prepare you for tryouts & the upcoming season:
    Yoga for hockey players
    Equipment Rep

    SCHEDULE (Click here)

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Measure up

Posted: Wednesday, August 13th Filed in: General

Kevin Hartzell wrote a great column that features Legend Hockey’s Zeb Knutson. Aside from this article featuring one of the players we train, it is one of the most honest and relevant articles I have read in a long time.
The MSU Mavericks are going to be good this year; expect them to have an excellent season. This will be a great year to catch a game or two in Mankato.

Measure Up

By Kevin Hartzell

Let’s Play Hockey Columnist

One cannot improve upon things that one doesn’t first measure. I heard those words in church not long ago. It was fitting because I was thinking about this same theme/topic as we all enter a new hockey season.
Do you think you know how you “measure up?” Do you evaluate yourself and/or put a value on what it is you bring to the team?
It is not always easy to do in hockey. There are many facets to the game. If each player only evaluated him/herself on, let’s say, scoring a goal, then most players on most nights would go home with a disappointing self-evaluation. But as we all know, there is a lot more to hockey than the act of scoring a goal.
Scouts get paid to evaluate, to measure a player. Sometimes with my own players I ask of them to act like a scout and to provide for me a “scouting report” on their own selves as players. I ask them to simply measure themselves. Can they be relied upon and depended upon to bring each of their skill sets to the game each night?
If you are not sure how you “measure up,” I would suggest asking the people around you that you most trust to give you honest and accurate feedback. Ask them to provide their honest assessment of your game. What do you bring to the game night after night on a consistent basis? What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses? 
Let’s look at a couple of real life examples. In my last season with the Sioux Falls Stampede, we missed the playoffs for the first time in my career. That’s not so good. What was good, however, was that I was afforded the time at the season’s end to get out and see the players our scouts and coaches had been promoting to me for the upcoming USHL draft. The two players I want to highlight are Minnesota State incoming freshman, C.J. Franklin of Forest Lake, Minn., and Zeb Knutson of Sioux Falls, S.D.
Our “measurement” of these two players and our desire to draft them high in the USHL Entry Draft would eventually be questioned by some in our industry and even some in our ownership group. The biggest reason for that was that neither had a college “deal.” That was an industry-level of measurement in itself.
There were many players available for the draft that had been recruited by the various Division I colleges. Players with a college commitment can seem to have a “stamp of approval” or certainly an industry concurrence with your evaluations. This is comforting for some. At draft time, owners will ask why it is you want to draft a player high in the draft, especially one that does not yet have a college commitment. You want to be confident in your choices as you and your staff will be held accountable.
What gave us confidence in our measurement of these two players was their consistency. When players consistently give to the game the skill sets they have, then that consistency is measured. In the cases of Franklin and Knutson, rarely did they wow you with their ability, but they did give the game what they had night after night.
Our measurement started with head of scouting Craig Sarner. He had been watching both of these boys closely. In the case of Franklin, there was a teammate that was held in higher regard by many. Like many, Sarner went to watch the teammate, but came back with evaluations on how much Franklin brought to the game. With each viewing, Franklin did again and again.
What did we see? We saw games that he scored in, and games he did not. But what we saw game after game was grit, drive and desire. Franklin’s fundamental skills were maybe not eye-popping impressive, but good nevertheless.
It was how he used his skills to play the game that was so attractive. It was his passion, his unspoiled approach to every facet of the game. He was “hard” on pucks, meaning he competed for pucks. He was tough in the tough areas. He also wasn’t shy on the defensive side of the game and he was always willing to have pucks hit him. He did the ugly and the hard. He was a consummate teammate … every time we saw him.  He was a young man we knew would take his solid skill set and continue to develop them.
Knutson used his skills in a different way than C.J. Zeb was and is a goal scorer. I have seen many goal scorers and not all do it the same way. Zeb is always working to get open. He tries to make himself an easy target for a pass. He is always working to get to the front of the net and especially to the hard scoring areas. He is not hesitant in shooting the puck. He has some deficiencies for sure, but it was his strengths that he brought to each and every game that we found attractive.
I think in the case of these two boys, it was easy to see the things they didn’t do as well, although most of us think Franklin is a pretty complete player. Sometimes it is easy to measure skating, passing and shooting skills, but harder to measure how these skills are used. And it is harder and takes more time to see how these skills are used on a consistent basis. It was the measure of what these two boys could do and their ability to bring these abilities to the game on a consistent basis that was and is most attractive about each of their games.

*Click on the blog to read Kevin’s entire article.


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